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All Apple brand devices are set to be used by every type of user, even those with visual problems or other disabilities, as when the device is acquired it can be used with the standard integrated accessibility solutions. For this, it can be configured at the start of the device’s setting process or by accessing “Adjustments/General/Accessibility” and selecting the option that best adapts to your needs.

An iPhone is much more than a telephone for a visually-impaired person. We could say that it provides essential technical help, both due to the accessibility now included as standard and to the service offered by all the possibilities provided by the apps for any situation in our daily lives. This device is suitable for every type of user. However, it should be clear that to use it (and according to the type of user and their experience with mobile devices) it is necessary to spend some time learning how it works and familiarising oneself both with the chosen accessibility solution, with the workings of the device itself and the apps to be used.

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