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Who we are

Optimism. We like this concept.

We are medical researchers committed to the international fight against blindness. Everything leads us to be optimistic. We work with top-flight assistance and research centers and also have the collaboration of institutions, companies and altruistic private donations. The advances achieved in recent years have enabled us to glimpse a near future in which the causes of vision loss and blindness will not condemn patients to living in darkness. 

We are in a race against the clock to seek solutions to diseases that affect people who today are losing their eyesight. 

This road is full of obstacles, but we already know what it feels like to overcome one: in fact, we are proud to say that we have already mastered the principal cause of legal blindness: wet AMD. It used to cause devastating effects, and now we can halt it. Now we have to keep up the effort to improve its treatments and to achieve solutions for complaints that are still untreatable, such as retinitis pigmentosa or Stargardt’s disease. But we foresee definitive solutions that will allow sufferers to recover their vision, one of the most highly-values treasures for the wellbeing of both young and old.

 We do not resign ourselves to anything. We know that achieving these goals is only a matter of time, of insistence, of applying talent and resources. And this is why you find us on this path.

20 years of research, design and conduct of clinical trials for severe loss of vision.

Jordi Monés, MD, PhD

Jordi Monés, MD, PhD

Inside the BMF

The structure of the Foundation combines a dedicated and efficient team with a Scientific Council of international renown and a Board of Trustees committed to our goals.

Research is the only solution for the future to fight against blindness

It is only with your help that we can fight against blindness