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I’d like to become a member of the BMF Club

One in four people of us will suffer a degenerative illness that will leave them in the dark when they get older. One in every 2,000 young people is hopelessly blind. Those people could be our children or our grandchildren. The only way to prevent this is through research. Your help is essential to providing us with resources to fight blindness. At the BMF we investigate to bring light to people. Push for a future that you can see. Get involved and collaborate with us!

Tax benefits

This year tax rules have changed and your contributions are worth more
Making your donation to the BMF now brings a double reward: to your help and support for the Foundation in its scientific research work is added the fact that, since 1 January 2015, contributions to charities receive more deductions in your tax return, and even more from 2016. That means loyalty also has its reward: if you help the same organisation for three successive years, you will get even more back at the end of the year.
Donations made by individuals:
  • Total annual amounts of less than €150. Each income tax payer can deduct 50% of the contribution made to the foundation in 2015.
  • Total annual amounts of more than €150. Each income tax payer can deduct 50% of the contribution made up to €150, and 27.5% of the rest of the contribution to the foundation during 2015. If your contribution has also been regular over the last two tax years, the remainder of it, above €150, will receive a 32.5% deduction instead of the 27.5% established for new members or donors.
Donations from organizations or companies:
  • As a company, you can deduct 35% of the contribution you have made to the foundation in 2015.
  • If your contribution as a business has been constant in the last two tax years, you can deduct 37.5% of the contribution you have made to the foundation during 2015 from Corporation Tax.
Donations made by non-residents:
  • Deduction from the whole amount of Income Tax Non-Resident (INRN) of 25% of the amount of the donation
  • The basis of this deduction shall not exceed 10% of the tax base of all the statements made in this period
Base of deductions for charitable donations and contributions:
  • In the case of donations on money, the amount
  • In the gift or donation of property or rights, the book value that they had at the time of transmission and, failing that, the value determined under the rules of the Wealth Tax
For more information, contact info@barcelonamaculafoundation.org