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The devices selected include those that improve communication and help to increase personal autonomy. They have been selected by considering parameters of functionality, ease of use, user characteristics (age and pathology) and price. These range from talking clocks to liquid level indicators. The descriptions and ratings that accompany each of them have been made by the team of experts from the DRJ consultancy firm and the BMF.

This helps those with visual difficulties to fill containers with liquids and avoid the spillage that they may find difficult to clean up.

One of the many questions raised by people when they go blind is: how do I fill glasses, cups and jugs?
This utility is good for those who are entering the world of blindness and require help to improve their personal autonomy skills. It is very easy to use; place it on the edge of the container to be filled, and simply wait until you hear a sound indicating that the contents have reached the top.

Continue enjoying your favourite TV programmes with a simple, easy-to-use remote control that enables you to carry out basic functions like switching the TV on or off, changing channel and adjusting the volume fast and easily. Moreover, its buttons are large and nicely separated so that you can use the device with complete autonomy.

This TV remote control is recommended for those who are not too demanding when it comes to watching television. It is intended for people with low vision to have control over the basic aspects of their daily TV use. Favourite functions can be configured easily and it is especially suitable for the elderly who wish to enjoy this activity, but due to their poor sight, feel overwhelmed by the complexity of today’s remote controls and their numerous buttons and functions.

A watch whose speaker in the upper half will tell the time loud and clear when you need it, just by pressing a button.
Especially suitable for those who are totally blind or have low vision.

The reasons why blind people prefer this type of watch to a Braille tactile one usually include the fact that their sense of touch is under-developed or that they went blind when they were older. A device that facilitates their everyday actions to keep track of time is to be recommended. Likewise, many blind people prefer the comfort of a voice as when they press a button they immediately await a response. This is much easier for them in quiet environments or when there is low background noise.

This cordless phone will give you total peace of mind whenever you call as it has an auditory system that will tell you, through a voice, which key you have pressed. Thanks to this device, you will never dial the wrong number.
In addition, it includes a large, backlit, high-contrast screen on which you can see the numerals easily without straining your eyesight.

A home landline generally lacks features that adapt to those with visual problems, but this specific model can help you if you are blind or visually impaired.
For blind people, it is wonderful to enjoy the experience of being able to hear the name of the key you are pressing without the worry of being mistaken.
If you have low vision, this device is ideal as you can use the voice and rely on the large numbers, or vice versa.

Alarm clock with a very large display for easy viewing of the time or setting the alarm. It includes a vibrating accessory to be placed under the pillow, enabling one to be woken without bothering anyone else.

This device is recommended for those with low vision as it has a large screen with which to set waking-up times.
In addition, if the person also suffers from a condition that affects their hearing, the vibrating accessory will help detect the sound of the alarm. It should be noted that this device cannot be used by those who are totally blind.

An alarm clock with multiple functions: time, date, room temperature, alarm and a stopwatch. Each function is lit in a different colour. It has a large screen that makes it easy to read. It is a device that is both easy-to-use and useful. 

When the visually-impaired are faced with a decrease in visual acuity, they often believe that their normality will never be what it was: looking at the time, setting an alarm, etc. These are day-to-day issues that a device like this can solve through its large screen and colours that can be easily distinguished for their buttons.
Someone with visual problems who needs enlarged numerals will find the problem solved with a device of this type. For this reason, it is only recommended for those with residual vision who need an enlarged screen.

A simple, practical thermometer for digital measurement of body temperature with voice technology and a screen with large numerals for the most legibility of results.

This thermometer is easy to use, voice-adapted and has large numerals. It is recommended for those who are totally blind or who have residual vision.
In addition, for parents who are totally blind or when one is visually impaired, this is the solution to monitoring their children or relatives in their care if they run up high temperatures.

Health is very important and access to the monitoring of certain parameters is today a necessity for the visually impaired so that they may be more autonomous.
As someone with serious visual problems, you can now monitor your blood pressure at home, overcoming the obstacle due to the advances in consumer medical devices, to give them a clear name.
Today, having a blood pressure monitor with voice technology and which provides data on a large screen at home, can be regarded as necessary. This meets the needs both of totally blind people and those with residual vision.

A monitor that enables you to find out your blood pressure by just pressing a button. The measurement is made through the arm, with the reading seen perfectly thanks to a large display with sizeable numerals that can be read out.

Stand Scan Pro is a utility that, once it is opened and set up, will help blind people in a variety of aspects. Primarily, it offers a cubic space into which documents and letters can be placed and lined up for a photo taken with an iPhone camera. It has an app that converts the photo into a text and reads out the document.
This utility helps those with visual impairment to position the document because we can place the iPhone in the upper part to enable the photo to be taken.
In addition, and due to the Stand Scan Pro’s internal lighting, those with residual vision and the assistance of the magnifying solution (image enlarger) on their iPhone or other mobile device, can use it as a tele-magnifier to transmit the image taken onto our TV.

One of the greatest concerns or doubts for a person who is totally blind or who has severe visual problems is to have access to printed documents. This low-cost utility resolves this “insecurity” with a short period of learning how to use the mobile device together with an app used with the help of a sighted person. You will learn how to line up and position the device to obtain the best results. This utility is recommended for those of all ages who are totally blind or have low vision.

These scales mean you can carry on cooking your cakes! As well as its large easy-to-read digital screen, it has a practical voice reproduction system that will tell you the exact weight of all the ingredients you need to weigh. The most inclusive way of enjoying cooking so that you will never lose your chef’s passion.

Scales for universal use, recommeded for those who are blind or with low vision as they have a voice and large numbers. You can use them with absolutely no effort and you can also involve your family in your recipes or the other way round: a family who lives with someone with visual problems can take part in the preparation of family recipes.

These bath scales are incorporated with a voice system that will tell you your exact weight whenever you use them. This means you will not need to do any crouching or make an effort to read the numbers. Even so, it has a large digital contrast-enhanced screen so you can see the numbers clearly.

Bath scales that are easy to use and recommended for people with low vision or partial impairment so that the act of weighing oneself is totally accessible. Blind parents, or people who live with their family, will be able to use this device without needing to acquire anything special for the person with visual impairment.

A more than practical utility: from now on, your socks will always be organised, each with its pair and always straight from your washing machine or drier to your drawer. Order is important, and having control over your socks will bring you peace of mind at all times.

For a blind person, tidiness in their home extends to their garments and this is extremely important. These small objects are very useful for placing socks in pairs. They may be placed in the washing machine and drier with no problems. They are recommended for those who are totally blind, who have low vision and relatives who live with them as they will help to keep order as well as improving personal autonomy.

Tape measure with an inclinometer and level that uses voice technology. This tape helps you to measure surfaces and spaces easily with the most autonomy and precision. A clear voice informs you quickly about slopes and measurements.

This tape measure, which is made of flexible material and has tactile markings, is very useful for anyone who is blind or with low vision. The combination of tactile markings and high-contrast numbers enables it to be used comfortably. It is suitable for any type of user.

This is a very practical device with advanced technology. It is useful, easy to use and also has voice technology. It distinguishes between 1,000 shades of colour as well as patterns and contrasts that convert to musical tones so that the blind person may associate colours better.

This device helps to improve personal autonomy. It is extremely helpful for those who have lost their sight and would like to be aware of the colours of their clothing or any other type of object. The musical tones it produces can help anyone who wants to recognise colour patterns on a surface although this feature can be too specific for the elderly or those who simply want to recognise a smell. This is a creative device with a rather precise level of colour recognition although factors like lighting and the device’s position should be taken into account when gauging colour.

All Apple brand devices are set to be used by every type of user, even those with visual problems or other disabilities, as when the device is acquired it can be used with the standard integrated accessibility solutions. For this, it can be configured at the start of the device’s setting process or by accessing “Adjustments/General/Accessibility” and selecting the option that best adapts to your needs.

An iPhone is much more than a telephone for a visually-impaired person. We could say that it provides essential technical help, both due to the accessibility now included as standard and to the service offered by all the possibilities provided by the apps for any situation in our daily lives. This device is suitable for every type of user. However, it should be clear that to use it (and according to the type of user and their experience with mobile devices) it is necessary to spend some time learning how it works and familiarising oneself both with the chosen accessibility solution, with the workings of the device itself and the apps to be used.

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