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These bath scales are incorporated with a voice system that will tell you your exact weight whenever you use them. This means you will not need to do any crouching or make an effort to read the numbers. Even so, it has a large digital contrast-enhanced screen so you can see the numbers clearly.

Bath scales that are easy to use and recommended for people with low vision or partial impairment so that the act of weighing oneself is totally accessible. Blind parents, or people who live with their family, will be able to use this device without needing to acquire anything special for the person with visual impairment.

These scales mean you can carry on cooking your cakes! As well as its large easy-to-read digital screen, it has a practical voice reproduction system that will tell you the exact weight of all the ingredients you need to weigh. The most inclusive way of enjoying cooking so that you will never lose your chef’s passion.

Scales for universal use, recommeded for those who are blind or with low vision as they have a voice and large numbers. You can use them with absolutely no effort and you can also involve your family in your recipes or the other way round: a family who lives with someone with visual problems can take part in the preparation of family recipes.

Continue enjoying your favourite TV programmes with a simple, easy-to-use remote control that enables you to carry out basic functions like switching the TV on or off, changing channel and adjusting the volume fast and easily. Moreover, its buttons are large and nicely separated so that you can use the device with complete autonomy.

This TV remote control is recommended for those who are not too demanding when it comes to watching television. It is intended for people with low vision to have control over the basic aspects of their daily TV use. Favourite functions can be configured easily and it is especially suitable for the elderly who wish to enjoy this activity, but due to their poor sight, feel overwhelmed by the complexity of today’s remote controls and their numerous buttons and functions.

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