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Introduction to apps and devices

The new technologies have had a major impact on today’s society and have produced many changes, including in the integration of those who are visually impaired. The Barcelona Macula Foundation (BMF), in conjunction with the digital accessibility consultancy firm DRJ, have created the SilVer (Smart Aids for Visually Impaired) project.

SilVer is a free-access website that gives the blind or those with low vision a platform with the finest mobile apps and devices currently on the market, those that best adapt to their daily needs.   
At present, the website contains a total of 41 initiatives that help people who have suffered unexpected blindness at a specific time in their lives or a substantial loss of vision (central or peripheral) to adapt to the new environment with greater ease and autonomy.  

All the apps and devices have been selected following the rating of parameters like functionality, ease of use or each person’s needs. This is a dynamic project because new information that could prove useful is incorporated periodically. In addition, the user can also pose questions or make proposals. Under the name of SilVerSessions, training activities will be organised for teaching the visually impaired about the workings of the tools for achieving greater autonomy.

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Considering the need of each person and not the latest invention

Who is behind this project?

The SilVer Project has been developed by Dr. Jordi Monés, the founder of the Barcelona Macula Foundation (BMF), Macula and Vitreorretinal Specialist and Researcher, together with the DRJ consultancy firm, which is specialised in the field of digital technology, accessibility and marketing, at the head of which are two blind people. Daniela Rubio is a consultant in digital accessibility and is recognised as an Apple Distinguished Educator, while José Vicente González is an expert in digital marketing. Their life experiences of blindness, as well as the experiences of other members of their team, have enabled them to analyse the devices from both the professional and personal aspects, lending their views great added value.

SilVer Session

SilVer Session is a meeting point where those who are blind or who have low vision learn to use the different apps and devices. The aim is for them to gain the maximum benefit, making their daily activities and adaptation to the environment easier and giving them greater autonomy.

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