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Category: Utility

Stand Scan Pro is a utility that, once it is opened and set up, will help blind people in a variety of aspects. Primarily, it offers a cubic space into which documents and letters can be placed and lined up for a photo taken with an iPhone camera. It has an app that converts the photo into a text and reads out the document.
This utility helps those with visual impairment to position the document because we can place the iPhone in the upper part to enable the photo to be taken.
In addition, and due to the Stand Scan Pro’s internal lighting, those with residual vision and the assistance of the magnifying solution (image enlarger) on their iPhone or other mobile device, can use it as a tele-magnifier to transmit the image taken onto our TV.

One of the greatest concerns or doubts for a person who is totally blind or who has severe visual problems is to have access to printed documents. This low-cost utility resolves this “insecurity” with a short period of learning how to use the mobile device together with an app used with the help of a sighted person. You will learn how to line up and position the device to obtain the best results. This utility is recommended for those of all ages who are totally blind or have low vision.

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