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Dr. Monés highlights the future of biomedical applications for the treatment of blindness

Dr. Jordi Monés, the Medical Director of the Barcelona Macula Foundation, was one of the voices in a recent report by Cadena SER radio station about the new methodologies for treating mental illnesses, blindness and lesions in the nervous system. Broadcast on Radio Barcelona in late November, the report focused on the new materials and new biomedical applications that should enable experts to successfully deal with cases where there is lack of mobility and vision loss.

With regard to applications in the field of ophthalmology, Dr. Monés highlights the possibility of implanting chips in the brain «in cases of patients whose nerve is severed or which simply has been lost». The methodology would involve «going straight to the brain and applying electrodes in the visual representation areas of the cortex in order to stimulate the area using chips».

You can hear the full audio using this link.

Research is the only solution for the future to fight against blindness

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