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Seeing Assistant Home now equipped with a text and NFC tag detector

Many companies took advantage of the summer to add new features to their apps. On this occasion, Transition Technologies improved its app, Seeing Assistant Home -which facilitates the autonomy of the visually impaired- by incorporating NFC tag detection and text detection.

NFC tag detection Seeing Assistant Home

NFC tags have different formats that range from stickers to pendants. They incorporate a chip that enables the tag to be programmed so that a smartphone performs a certain task; such as reproducing a voice memo.

At present, the Seeing Assistant Home app enables NFC tags to be used for iOS and assigned with a voice or text memo; so that when a smartphone is brought close, information may be obtained.

Here is an example. A tag can be placed on a medicine whose label may be difficult to read so that it is possible to hear its name, learn how to take it or what it contains. Both its potential and possibilities are limitless.

Text detection Seeing Assistant Home

How many times do we scan a document for reading or sending but only get a blank page? The incorporation of text detection resolves this issue through Seeing Assistant Home. The smartphone emits a tone and when the camera detects text, the pitch rises when it focuses.

Augmented reality technology is increasingly available to any user. And this provides a glimpse of what lies on the horizon.

Research is the only solution for the future to fight against blindness

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