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The COOOC visits the Foundation

The Barcelona Macula Foundation received a visit from a delegation from the Official College of Opticians and Optometrists of Catalonia (COOOC) on Tuesday. The meeting enabled discussion of the European research projects and the latest campaigns in which the BMF has participated. The COOOC visitors also collected accurate information on the clinical trials campaign initiated by the Foundation in close collaboration with the Institut de la Màcula. They also took advantage to tour the facilities in the company of Dr. Jordi Monés, who provided them with detailed explanations about the centre’s state-of-the-art equipment.
The COOOC is the highest body representing opticians and optometrists in Catalonia. It aims to foster the profession’s development and ensure that the work of the profession offers the requisite guarantees of quality and competence.

In the centre, COOOC representatives, Alfons Bielsa i Elies (President), Francesc Campo (Provincial Delegate for Barcelona), Joaquim Grau, Mireia Grau and Xavier Llobet. With them are Dr. Jordi Monés (BMF Medical Director), Dr. Marc Biarnés (BMF researcher) and Míriam Garcia (BMF collaborating optometrist).

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