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Dr. Monés, invited to the world’s largest congress on ophthalmology and vision research

Dr. Jordi Monés, Director of the Barcelona Macula Foundation and of the Institut de la Mâcula i de la Retina, will be a distinguished speaker at the Annual Meeting of the  Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), the world’s top scientific organisation in this field in terms of the numbers of associates and activities.

With over 12,000 associate researchers from more than 80 countries, ARVO was founded in 1928 and performs work in the field of research, training and the disseminating of medical-scientific knowledge about eye diseases and ophthalomology in general.

To be held during the week of 5-9 May in the American city of Seattle, the Meeting will draw ophthalmologists, optometrists and osteopaths from all the corners of the globe to debate on the major advances in fighting blindness.

Dr. Jordi Monés has been asked as a researcher and internationally-renowned ophthalmologist to participate in the discussion forum on wet AMD which will cover today’s therapeutic options for treating this pathology. His talk will focus on anti-VEGF injection regimens and their optimisation to achieve the best results, the most notable example being the Fusion© Protocol, which has been especially developed by the specialists at the Institut de la Màcula.

In addition, Dr. Monés will present a scientific poster on his study on the lineality of the growth of geographic atrophy in macular degeneration, which was published recently with Marc Biarnés, the Institute’s clinical trials’ coordinator. The results of the work will establish the real impact of pharmacological treatments in slowing down the disease over time. This will allow current protocols to be optimised and improved for the good of patients.

Dr. Samir Patel, a member of the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, will also form part of the teaching panel for the course on the creation of companies for developing ophthalmological products. This is aimed at medical professionals who are interested in business and have an entrepreneurial calling.

Research is the only solution for the future to fight against blindness

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