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Dr. Monés to present BMF research lines at the AARPC’s annual event

26 November 2012 – Just over a month and a half before 2012 closes, the Barcelona Macula Foundation (BMF) continues to project itself internationally as a leading ophthalmological centre in the research field. Consequently, the National Congresses of the American and Italian ophthalmological associations, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Associazione Italiana Medici Oculisti (AIMO), respectively, or the  International Retina Congress, organised by the European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology, are typical of the events at which the BMF has been present. Lectures, presentations of practical case studies or round table participation with other ophthalmology experts are some of the activities in which Dr. Monés has been involved, all with the goal of sharing the knowledge accumulated by the BMF and the Macula and Retina Institute (Institut de la Màcula i de la Retina).

December is the time for the holding of one of the Foundation’s events to have gained red-letter status due to its informative nature and its being organised in Barcelona. Together with the Asociación de Afectados de Retinosis Pigmentaria en Catalunya (AARPC- the Association of those affected by pigmentary retinosis in Catalonia), the Barcelona headquarters of the Spanish Organisation for the Blind, ONCE, will play host on Saturday 1 December to lectures by Dr. Monés and Dr. María Palacín, Professor of Social Psychology, Psychology Faculty of the University of Barcelona (UB).

This is a major initiative organised by AARPC at this time of year and to which we at Barcelona Macula Foundation would be delighted to invite you. Without doubt, this will be a wonderful opportunity to exchange views and learn about research lines which perhaps one day may help to reverse blindness.


Christmas Meeting – Association of those affected by Pigmentary Retinosis in Catalonia AARPC

Date: Saturday 1 December 2012
Time: 11 a.m.
Venue: C/ Sepúlveda nº 1, Sala de Conferencias 6ª Planta, Delegación ONCE Catalunya


  • Dr. Monés, Director of the Barcelona Macula Foundation. “The Foundation’s Research Lines”.
  • Dr. María Palacín, Professor of Social Psychology of the UB: “My emotions and those of others in the Pigmentary Retinosis process”.

We look forward to seeing you and encourage you to tell your acquaintances about the event, which provides all those affected by pigmentary retinosis with a message of hope and solidarity. Please confirm your attendance at: info@barcelonamaculafound.org.

Research is the only solution for the future to fight against blindness

It is only with your help that we can fight against blindness