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Dr Jordi Monés opens the 8th Meeting of the MuscleTech Network Workshop

The BMF’s Medical Director, Jordi Monés, has opened the 8th MuscleTech Network Workshop in his role of director of FCB Universitas. A gathering with a large number of internationally renowned researchers, the MuscleTech Network Workshop forms part of the FCB Universitas project and is organised by FC Barcelona, the Leitat Foundation and Aspetar. It is an initiative aimed at making FC Barcelona a world leader in the fields of research and the generation, the transmission and the transfer of information and knowledge in relation to sport.

As well as Dr Monés, the inaugural session also featured addresses by Dr Joan Parra, the General Director of Leitat, and Dr Scott Gillogly, the Chief Medical Officer of Aspetar.

For many years, the MuscleTech Network Workshop has become a global benchmark as a forum for researchers, doctors, physiotherapists and fitness coaches to share and discuss the latest trends and innovations in the field of muscle and tendon injuries. The aim of this year’s edition is to examine quadriceps injuries more closely, with a focus ranging from theoretical study to clinical practice.

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