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‘Mytaxi’, a taxi booking app

There are many apps that offer taxi booking services available. However, until recently, none were particularly easy to use for the blind and visually-impaired

The main problems a person with visual impairment has in taking a taxi are the inability to see if an available vehicle is approaching on the street, and the difficulty of control if booking one by phone. This, and recent technological advances, have led to the introduction of this type of app on the market.

One interesting example, offering excellent solutions, is the ‘mytaxi app’: a mobile application that has incorporated advanced technology to perfect its functionality. Thanks to the introduction of VoiceOver technology for iOs and TalkBack for Android, it facilitates independent mobility and helps eliminate everyday obstacles for the blind and visually-impaired.

The ‘mytaxi’ app is very intuitive, allowing the user to book a taxi at the desired location with minimal clicks. Indeed, upon launching the app, its homescreen includes a button to “Order now”; it is very simple to operate for any person with visual impairment.

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