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The BMF participates at one of the world’s top symposiums on ocular pharmacology

Paris will play host on March 7-10 to the tenth edition of the International Symposium on Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ISOPT Clinical. The event will boast the active participation of leading members of the Barcelona Macula Foundation (BMF), headed by its Medical Director, Dr. Jordi Monés.

Dr. Monés has been invited to give a lecture on Friday 8 March on the benefits of the application of a complement system in dry AMD.

The following day, he will base his talk on the advantages of dual therapy with VEGF and PDGF for wet AMD. Dr Monés will conclude his participation at the congress in the afternoon when he chairs an interesting round table on wet AMD together with distinguished ophthalmologists such as Gisele Sourbane (France) or Samir Patel (USA), a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the BMF.

Together with Samir Patel, important talks at the Symposium will be provided by Jayakrishna Ambati and Baruch Kuppermann, two further members of the BMF’s Scientific Board.

The previous edition of the ISOPT was held in Vienna in late 2011. It also boasted the participation of Dr. Monés.

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