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Thermometer with voice and audio signals

Flu is on its way. And no, this is not a public health warning. Did you know that the blind or visually impaired can take their temperature independently?

When the flu season is upon us, it is customary for sufferers to undergo episodes when their temperature rises. Someone without any visual problems is fully capable of opening a drawer and finding the thermometer so they can take their temperature. But what happens in the case of the blind or the visually impaired?

Talking thermometers have existed for over two decades. The device sends users an audio signal that indicates when the thermometer in question is switched on and off. In addition, it has a signal for the timer when temperature is taken -comprising three continuous tones- and one with a synthetic voice that reads out the temperature information.

As part of the SilVer Project, we have selected a type of thermometer that, as well as possessing audio and voice signals, provides a screen on which the information is displayed in large numbers upon a contrasting background.

This thermometer is not just useful for the blind or visually impaired but for all the family. In this way, it aims to be inclusive. When you are laid low with a high fever, your eyes suffer minor distorting changes. So being able to hear the thermometer, or to take your temperature in a dark bedroom or any other room and receiving the information vocally, can also benefit those without any visual impairment.

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