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World Retina Day to be held on Sunday, 28 September

World Retina Day takes place on Sunday, 28 September. Pigmentary Retinosis disease is characterised by the progressive loss of photoreceptors and the pigmentary epithelium that causes dystrophy of the retina.

Affecting one in every 2,000 people, Pigmentary Retinosis is hereditary and is incurable at present. The research carried out throughout the world is bringing hope and the Barcelona Macula Foundation works closely with a variety of research and healthcare centres in the fight against the retinal diseases that lead to blindness like Pigmentary Retinosis.

On Sunday, many events are being held to raise society’s awareness. One of the oddest takes place in San Sebastian and is organised by the “Retinosis Gipuzkoa Begisare” association. Together with “Legión 501 – Spanish Garrison”, the Association has devised the idea of linking Pigmentary Retinosis to the Star Wars films in order to help those affected escape from “the dark side”.

“Legión 501 – Spanish Garrison” is made up of Star Wars fans of all ages, who dress up as the characters in the saga. They donate their resources to charity and, in this case, aim to publicise Pigmentary Retinosis through the slogan “The Fight against the Dark Side”.

Research is the only solution for the future to fight against blindness

It is only with your help that we can fight against blindness