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Identificador de colores ONCE


Colour identifiers for mobile devices have existed for many years. However, some form part of other more complex apps. This colour identifier is very fast and easy to use, so it reviews well when what is required is speed. The results are clear and easy to interpret and app use over a normal length of time does not significantly affect battery consumption.

It must be remembered, as its description indicates, that any colour identifier that uses a mobile camera for work might give inaccurate results if the light and shadow in a room are unsuitable when focusing on an object.

The scanning mode is another interesting feature of this app because it can explore the colours in a photo.

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Identificador de Colores ONCE is an app that detects, using the camera of a mobile device, the colours of any object on which it focuses.

This information may be accessed in different ways:

  1. Continuous colour review: the app sends constant information about the colours detected by the device camera simply by focusing.
  2. Exploration of an image: the app takes a photo, which can be explored using one’s finger or using a braille line.

When using it, like all apps of this type available in app stores, it should be remembered that it depends greatly on the light in the room, the quality of the camera and the shadow that we might produce when we take a picture.

User profile: This app has a very high degree of accessibility, it is very simple to use and therefore it can be recommended for any user profile. Its straightforward nature makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere.

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