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As its description indicates, this app enables shopping over different days. It provides the possibility of marking products as favourites and thus accessing them faster as well as viewing and modifying basket contents. It even enables two or more users to add items to the same basket simultaneously.

Although this app responds only to the needs of those who wish to shop at Mercadona, its accessibility and ease of use makes it of real interest.

Note: Although this app is available on iOS and Android, it is important to note that accessibility for screen reader users in the Android version is not as developed as that of iOS. Consequently, Android use is not recommended for the totally blind.

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The Mercadona app gives access to online supermarket shopping. Purchases can be made quickly and intuitively from any location as long as it is covered by the postal codes where the service is already available. The app enables products to be viewed in detail, added to the basket and the purchase made. In addition, previous purchases can be checked and modified according to need and the usual products bought with no dependence on lists.

User profile: This app is an answer to one of the difficult situations faced by those with visual disabilities: shopping.

Although the app is intuitive and easy to use, it is appropriate for those who feel comfortable using mobile devices because to use it properly the user must use text fields, drop-down buttons etc. If the user is totally blind and does not feel completely at home with the screen reader, it might seem overwhelming to use the app correctly.




This app has been well received by the visually disabled community in many countries. As they are unable to read the labels on food or cosmetic products, the visually disabled have less information with which to choose the healthiest products. While there is no need to become obsessed over the results, the information provided by the app is very useful for discovering the composition of products or whether they contain any allergens.

This is an app whose interface is very simple to use and it is accessible to both iOS and Android users. To start scanning products, all that is needed is to register by an email or through Facebook.

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Yuka is a free mobile app that scans the barcodes of food and cosmetic products to assess their impact on health. A detailed sheet then helps the user to understand the analysis of each product. When the impact on health is negative, Yuka recommends similar products that are more beneficial.

User profile: The app is recommended for any user profile as it is not difficult to use and it provides clear and accessible results for every type of user. Perhaps the trickiest part is the registration process although this is no different to others.

Detector de luz ONCE


It is interesting that the app is only a light detector because other light detectors form part of more complex apps, sometimes requiring the user to take a set of steps when all they want is to find out whether the lights are on.

The fact that it can work with both vibrations and sound offers great flexibility. In addition to being able to use it in quiet environments without problems, so far it is the only app that can be used by the deafblind.

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The Detector de luz ONCE app has been developed to help the blind or visually disabled discover at any given time whether the room they are in has a light source. For this, the app enables the user to use the front or rear camera. The user can be informed by sound, by vibration or by both. It also gives a percentage on whether a light source is active.

User profile: This app is recommended for any user who feels comfortable using their device. Only a few steps are required and it is simple, intuitive and accessible.

Identificador de colores ONCE


Colour identifiers for mobile devices have existed for many years. However, some form part of other more complex apps. This colour identifier is very fast and easy to use, so it reviews well when what is required is speed. The results are clear and easy to interpret and app use over a normal length of time does not significantly affect battery consumption.

It must be remembered, as its description indicates, that any colour identifier that uses a mobile camera for work might give inaccurate results if the light and shadow in a room are unsuitable when focusing on an object.

The scanning mode is another interesting feature of this app because it can explore the colours in a photo.

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Identificador de Colores ONCE is an app that detects, using the camera of a mobile device, the colours of any object on which it focuses.

This information may be accessed in different ways:

  1. Continuous colour review: the app sends constant information about the colours detected by the device camera simply by focusing.
  2. Exploration of an image: the app takes a photo, which can be explored using one’s finger or using a braille line.

When using it, like all apps of this type available in app stores, it should be remembered that it depends greatly on the light in the room, the quality of the camera and the shadow that we might produce when we take a picture.

User profile: This app has a very high degree of accessibility, it is very simple to use and therefore it can be recommended for any user profile. Its straightforward nature makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere.

The app has a simple interface that allows any user with visual impairment to order a taxi, track its approach, contact the driver, and/or pay for the taxi in a very intuitive way.

It has numerous advantages. From within the app, the user sees the registration number of the taxi, receives notification of its arrival, and can contact the driver by phone or message. After setting up a payment method, the journey can be paid for directly through the app.

This app is very simple to operate for all users, and requires little learning time. It is therefore recommended to different user profiles with any type of visual impairment.

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A taxi booking app recommended for people with visual impairment. Thanks to advanced technology, the app facilitates independent mobility and helps eliminate everyday obstacles for the blind and visually-impaired. Very intuitive to use, a taxi can be ordered at the desired location with minimal clicks.

Be my eyes


This app is the simplest and most effective way to obtain visual assistance in real time and at any moment. Its interface is very simple and the app is useful for any degree of visual impairment that requires assistance from one of the volunteers who may be connected around the world and in their own language. This involves videoconferencing in which the user shows the volunteer the situation for which they require help and receives a live spoken response. It may be used to obtain information about packaging but also to obtain assistance in situations like finding something on the floor, finding the door of a building etc.

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Be My Eyes is a way of connecting the blind or the visually impaired with sighted volunteers to help them live a more independent life. Users can request assistance from a sighted volunteer, who will receive a notification. As soon as the request is accepted, a live audio and video connection between both parties will be set up. From then on, the volunteer can help the blind or visually impaired person through the video connection in the rear camera to resolve any situation that requires sight.



TapTapSee is one of the apps that the severely visually impaired have used for some years to obtain visual information about any element. This app is free and it works really easily: just by taking a photo of anything we would like to see, it provides information about the object in question almost instantaneously to help us find out those details that we may not see with a simple viewing. The app’s interface may be used by those who are not used to apps as the buttons are labelled clearly and the information about the photos taken is always spoken aloud.

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TapTapSee is designed to help the blind and the visually impaired identify objects that are hard to check, such as packaging, tins, the colour of a garment etc. Simply touch the screen twice to take a photo of any object, at any angle, wait a few seconds and the app will identify it. (Note: spoken identification requires Voice Over to be activated).



Digit-Eyes is one of highest-rated apps for reading QR codes or barcodes aimed at the visually impaired. Its visual accessibility is acceptable and it is simple and intuitive; which makes it useful for those with varying technological skills. In addition, the possibility of creating personalised labels or using washable labels can mean that with the assistance of a friend or relative, the visually impaired can organise their belongings, books or documents etc. using recognisable text or audio messages.

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Digit-Eyes is a robust app that reads barcode labels, enabling the visually-impaired to scan UPC/EAN codes and recognise over 34 million products on its database. Barcode labels can also be made using the Digit-Eyes website and printing them using low-cost shipping labels. These codes can contain text that Voice Over reads aloud or be used to make sound recordings that will be heard each time the code is scanned with the iPhone.

MD evReader


This app is aimed specifically at those with macular degeneration, who still can use their sight to read. It greatly helps those who know the technique of eccentric viewing but this method of training vision and practising should be known before using the app. The fact that it has such a simple interface, customizable configuration and audio usage instructions available make it easy to use and if the user has a monitor or a TV they can take advantage of the advantages of this app and read comfortably through a large screen.

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The MD evReader is a simple iPad app designed to help people with Macular Degeneration (MD) to read e-books when it is combined with the technique of “eccentric viewing”. Eccentric vision is when a person attempts to see by making use of their peripheral visual skills instead of the central ones (macular). The app enables the text (of e-pub documents) to be presented horizontally, from right to left, through the screen. The speed and the direction of the text movement may be controlled using a monitoring panel on the iPad screen. The text may be enlarged and presented in very large fonts on a digital screen through an HDMI port (this requires an Apple HDMI adaptor). The reader must fix their gaze in their preferred position of eccentric vision, far from the text, and read the text without moving their eyes. At present, the app cannot show books that are DRM-protected.

Seeing AI


This app is aimed at any person who is visually impaired. It is a multi-purpose app as different tasks may be performed that require the use of the camera (reading a document, scanning products or recognising a face) in the same app and its interface is totally accessible with or without a screen reader and is really intuitive. The fact that the app belongs to a research project that has not concluded makes it interesting because there are sure to be new possibilities added as the research progresses.

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Seeing Al is a free app that describes the world that surrounds you. Designed for the community of people who are blind or have low vision, this research project in progress takes advantage of the power of Artificial Intelligence to open up the visual world and describe the people, texts and objects nearby. Optimised to be used with Voice Over, the app enables you to recognise:

  • Short text: it speaks text as soon as it appears before the camera.
  • Documents: it provides an audio guide to make a screen shot of a printed page, and recognises the text, together with its original format.
  • Products: it scans barcodes, using audio sounds to guide it; hear the name and the packet information when it is available. (works with iPhone 6 and subsequent versions)
  • People: it enables people to save faces so that they can recognise them and obtain an idea of their age, gender and emotions.
  • Scenes (expected preview): hear a general description of the scene in the screen shot.
  • Money: it recognises banknotes. (Requires iOS 11)
  • Colour: it identifies colour.
  • Handwriting: it reads handwritten text as in greetings cards
  • Light: it generates an audible tone that corresponds to the brightness of the setting.
  • Images in other applications: just touch “Share” and “Trigger Face Recognition” to describe images of email, photos, Twitter etc. The app is designed to help you to achieve more by taking advantage of the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence. As the research progresses, it will possible to add more channels.

Seeing assistant


Seeing Assistant Home possesses apps that those with severe visual impairment often use. These include a detector of light, colours, fast reading of QR codes and barcodes etc. It is simple to operate; its interface is intuitive and, above all, all the utilities are in the same place. However, it should be taken into account that the reading of colours from a camera is never precise, due to light refraction. This app is recommended for people who have at least a little knowledge of digital devices. (Note: personalised labels cannot be saved, only barcodes of databases available online can be read.

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The aim is to support the blind and the visually impaired in their daily life in a simple manner. This app enables blind users to recognise colours and detect light sources. In addition, the visually impaired will be able to use the electronic magnifier. It can also read and create barcodes and QR codes. These can be used to mark and organise objects.

Research is the only solution for the future to fight against blindness

It is only with your help that we can fight against blindness