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As its description indicates, this app enables shopping over different days. It provides the possibility of marking products as favourites and thus accessing them faster as well as viewing and modifying basket contents. It even enables two or more users to add items to the same basket simultaneously.

Although this app responds only to the needs of those who wish to shop at Mercadona, its accessibility and ease of use makes it of real interest.

Note: Although this app is available on iOS and Android, it is important to note that accessibility for screen reader users in the Android version is not as developed as that of iOS. Consequently, Android use is not recommended for the totally blind.

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The Mercadona app gives access to online supermarket shopping. Purchases can be made quickly and intuitively from any location as long as it is covered by the postal codes where the service is already available. The app enables products to be viewed in detail, added to the basket and the purchase made. In addition, previous purchases can be checked and modified according to need and the usual products bought with no dependence on lists.

User profile: This app is an answer to one of the difficult situations faced by those with visual disabilities: shopping.

Although the app is intuitive and easy to use, it is appropriate for those who feel comfortable using mobile devices because to use it properly the user must use text fields, drop-down buttons etc. If the user is totally blind and does not feel completely at home with the screen reader, it might seem overwhelming to use the app correctly.


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