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This app has been well received by the visually disabled community in many countries. As they are unable to read the labels on food or cosmetic products, the visually disabled have less information with which to choose the healthiest products. While there is no need to become obsessed over the results, the information provided by the app is very useful for discovering the composition of products or whether they contain any allergens.

This is an app whose interface is very simple to use and it is accessible to both iOS and Android users. To start scanning products, all that is needed is to register by an email or through Facebook.

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Yuka is a free mobile app that scans the barcodes of food and cosmetic products to assess their impact on health. A detailed sheet then helps the user to understand the analysis of each product. When the impact on health is negative, Yuka recommends similar products that are more beneficial.

User profile: The app is recommended for any user profile as it is not difficult to use and it provides clear and accessible results for every type of user. Perhaps the trickiest part is the registration process although this is no different to others.

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