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Category: Magnifiers



This magnifier is another alternative for those with low vision who wish to use their smartphones as a device to access visual information. It has different filters that can adapt the app to diverse visual conditions. Its configuration is straightforward and it can be used by people with varying levels of technological ability.

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SuperVision+ is an advanced magnifier for the visually impaired. The app can provide help in daily life to those with a large range of visual disabilities (Presbyopia, Myopia, Macular Degenerations etc.). The app allows the zoom, the contrast and the colour mode to be controlled easily. It allows up to 3 natural colour modes and 7 synthetic colour modes. It may also be used in low-lit environments by activating the smartphone’s integrated flash. (Note: to use SuperVision as electronic glasses, it is necessary to download the extension of the app, called “SuperVision for Cardboard”. This is free for Android).



This is a magnifier of great interest to those with low vision who wish to have an easy way of accessing visual information without needing to carry more devices. It is aimed exclusively at those with low vision and may be personalised with different filters to adapt it to different visual conditions.

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Visor is a magnifying glass app for smartphone. Just like with a real magnifying glass where the smallest details can be discovered, Visor increases the zoom by up to 8 times and takes the picture in 5 different colour contrast modes. Three large different-coloured buttons make access to all the functions a simple task.

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