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Category: Orientation and mobility

This GPS exploration option is recommended for intrepid users who, apart from information about the places they are passing through, would like to obtain spatial orientation on a map and other characteristics. It is recommended for those who are familiar with technology as although its simplest features are useful for those with any level of technological ability, this app’s best features are designed for those blind users who wish to obtain extra information about their location and who have some basic technological knowledge.

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This is an app that uses GPS to provide the opportunity to find out your whereabouts and information about roads, numbers etc. Ariadne GPS enables exploration of a virtual map of what surrounds you. With VoiceOver active on the device, nearby road names and numbers can be discovered through touch. Simply touch the map that appears on the device screen and move your finger to obtain information about the road you are touching. Your present location is found in the middle of the screen. The element in front of the app user appears in the top half of the screen and the one behind the user appears in the lower half.

BlindSquare is a highly specialised solution for visually-impaired users that is capable of providing GPS information to access places of interest in the user’s vicinity. Its interface is really accessible and easy to use for people with different levels of technological ability although its configuration may be taxing for some people. However, if a request for help is made to a friend or relative, this app is of real interest and can give greater confidence to visually-impaired users who wish to venture out and explore the places in their vicinity.

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BlindSquare is a solution that combines the latest technology to help blind people in their daily lives. It has been developed in collaboration with blind people and carefully tested with real users. To start, an iPhone or an iPad is necessary but it is also compatible with some additional accessories to improve the experience. How does it work? BlindSquare uses GPS and the compass to determine one’s whereabouts. Then, it collects information about the surrounding area from FourSquare. BlindSquare has some unique algorithms to decide which information is the most relevant and then it communicates it with high-quality voice synthesis.

Lazarillo app

Orientation and mobility

This navigating tool is a simple and comfortable alternative for anyone who is visually impaired and who wishes to obtain information about their whereabouts and the services nearby. Simply by opening the app, the user receives spoken messages regarding the names of roads and establishments in the vicinity. It is an easy way of taking the stress out of a walk down the road for those who are unable to see signs properly, regardless of their degree of visual impairment.

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This GPS app for the blind and those with low vision enables exploration of the surrounding area and configuration of routes. Lazarillo is a specialised app that provides mobility tools: using audio messages, it will inform you about nearby places, the road where you are walking, the road intersections on your route and other useful information. Not unlike a radio, the app will inform you of the obstacles close to you while you walk. This app was designed and implemented using authentic suggestions from blind people.

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