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Digital magnifiers à la carte

Technology has found its way to the visually impaired with an array of devices in homes; from small pocket magnifying glasses to huge closed-circuit apparatus   

Technology is constantly evolving, and these devices are increasingly powerful. This includes portable ones. Today, the market offers a wide range of options for every need. However, the boom in mobile apps has provided an opportunity that was inconceivable up to now; the option to carry the powerful assistance of digital magnifiers on our mobile devices with the same features as physical devices or even better ones.

At the SilVer project, we possess some of the most versatile and highest-rated examples of screen magnifiers -both for iOS and for Android. These are surprisingly easy to use; and, above all, they offer a great number of possibilities and are permanently available on smartphones without the need to carry other devices. In addition, the mobile device’s own power provides these tools with notable processing capabilities, which make the solution far more economical than a portable magnifier currently on the market.

What can we do with digital magnifiers?

The power of mobile processers enables digital magnifiers to produce excellent results. Furthermore, the iOS operating system boasts a powerful magnifying tool that is easily activated through the accessibility settings of any iOS device and possesses many customisation options.

If other apps are required, in the SilVer low vision category we present two of the most versatile ones, both for iOS and for Android: Visor and Vision+. These offer different possibilities that make them very interesting: from modifying the contrast, resolution or the colour-scale levels to taking photos of what you see through them and storing them.

If greater portability and flexibility is required to better observe the world around us, smartphones should be given a chance. Equipped with these interesting tools, pleasant surprises can be achieved.

Research is the only solution for the future to fight against blindness

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