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The Barcelona Macula Foundation collaborates with Begisare Gipuzkoa’s “I have low vision” campaign

Ever since it was established, the Barcelona Macula Foundation has worked to improve sight in conjunction with other institutions, companies and organisations with shared goals and purposes.

The “I have low vision” campaign is a non-profit project that aims to unite all the groups connected with low vision. The intention is to disseminate this campaign jointly and therefore help those affected to interact socially.

With this in mind, Begisare (the Gipuzkoa Association of Those Affected by Pigmentary Retinosis) has created the “I have low vision” logo in the form of badges and armbands. These bear an image of a green eye together with the phrase “I have low vision”, enabling wearers to inform others that they are visually impaired.

Using the link, you can read an interview in Spanish with Itziar González, the President of Begisare. Further information is available from the premises of the Barcelona Macula Foundation.

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